• Our customers
    hold the map
    and understand
    where they

    want to go

Your organizations and IT’s only purpose is to support you achieving your business targets:


Your organization and ITs only purpose is to hand you the tool to manoeuvre trough initial wild water:

pragmatic, flexible, agile, lean and economic.

The purpose of your organisation is to fulfil the demands of your customer, the business units:

cost effective.

The purpose of your role is to guarantee successful delivery of the target IT architecture:

achieve strategic goals, increase IT contribution.

  • We help our
    customers to read the map
    and help them to get
    to their target.


  • While our customers focus on
    their activities on their core targets,
    we keep their back free

    by optimizing the way
    how they do this.

Our service is optimized to:

Create IT organizations

– and organizations – that fulfill the promise of your enterprise to the market...

the gap

that separates your IT from world class performance.

Pragmatically design

an IT organization that gives you exactly the support you need within tight budget constraints...

establish the 3 factors

that guarantee that your organization will transform your course correction into the next market advantage. In a blink.

Precisely understand

your customers needs and optimize your service to meet their challenging requirements...

the process

that gives you and your customer a prime experience of the to-the-point service delivery of your organization.

Activate your ability

to deliver quality results step by step: reliable, accepted and appreciated by management...

learn how to

systematically approach your organization and make it a supportive part of your team and the architecture activities.
  • We are specialized

    to understand your requirements and demands
    to transform your demands into successful action
    to establish the organisation and IT that build the backbone of your daily operations

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  • Simon Kruse is the founder of capitence.
    Since more than 20 years he consults
    companies in IT and Architecture.